Alliances: On the Ground

There are a growing number of emerging and successful Shared Services Alliances in the ECE sector. While the design of any particular Shared Services Alliance is unique to its participants, all share the goal of strengthening business and pedagogical leadership across sites by creating structures to share staff, information and resources. Types of approaches range from information sharing, to networking in order to share best practice or purchase together, to the more intensive sharing of staff for business and pedagogical practices.


Currently operating Shared Services Alliances

Alliances: Web-Based

The ECE Knowledge Hub

ECE Shared Resources – the ECE Knowledge Hub – is a password-protected web platform that provides an extensive array of tools, resources and cost saving opportunities to support the needs of ECE professionals. The platform is developed and hosted by CCA For Social Good. An overview of the site is available here.

Helping programs save time and money to invest in high quality care

The Knowledge Hub provides quick links to difficult-to-find state and federal regulations, samples and templates of procedures, policies, forms, toolkits, handbooks and more to help providers manage their programs more efficiently and effectively. The resources are created with the knowledge and expertise from ECE experts in more than 24 states, resulting in very high-quality, vetted tools.

Helping states “take quality to scale”

The tools and resources on the site can streamline the reach of technical assistants and coaching specialists and provide a cost-effective means of helping build quality across a state. The platform makes it possible for a state to provide a QRIS Toolkit to guide providers through the quality continuum. The toolkit includes step-by-step instructions with links to resources, samples, templates, and documents that meet each specific QRIS performance criteria. In some states, over 500 resources have been provided to engage practitioners and support their quality improvement efforts.

Click here for a list of all state sites launched as of April 2020, with site URL’s and contacts.

States with Access to ECE Knowledge Hub