Opportunities Exchange helps organizations improve financial sustainability and quality through the formation of Shared Service Alliances.

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Introduction to Shared Services

Getting Started with Shared Services – webinar presentation December 2010.

Shared Services: A New Business Model to Support Scale and Sustainability in Early Care and Education, by Louise Stoney; policy brief prepared for Early Learning Ventures, October 2009

Shared Services: A Powerful Strategy to Support Sustainability of ECE Businesses, by Louise Stoney; Exchange, September/October 2009

Shared Services: Strengthening Early Care and Education, by Louise Stoney and Libbie Naman Poppick; Communities & Banking, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Fall 2010

Creatively Combining The Back Office: A Series on Shared Service Alliances; Part 1: Interview with John Weiser; Stanford Social Innovation Review

Creatively Combining The Back Office: A Series on Shared Service Alliances; Part 2: The Children’s Home/Chambliss Shelter; Stanford Social Innovation Review

Creatively Combining The Back Office: A Series on Shared Service Alliances; Part 3: Early Learning Ventures Alliances; Stanford Social Innovation Review

Tipping Point for a National Movement for ECE Shared Services; Stanford Social Innovation Review

Outsourcing Back-Office Services in Small Nonprofits: Pitfalls and Possibilities – Management Assistance Group/Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation, Executive Summary

2011 National Shared Services Conference – Conference book and presentations from the New Orleans conference

2010 National Shared Services Conference – Presentations from the Philadelphia conference

Three blogs by Louise Stoney, originally posted at Education Week on Sara Mead’s Policy Notebook, April 2012:
Crafting QRIS Standards that Work Across Sectors
Effective QRIS Technical Assistance and Coaching: Challenges and Opportunities
Building Systemic Capacity for High Quality ECE

Tax Credits for Early Care and Education: Funding Strategy for a New Economy, by Susan Blank and Louise Stoney, June 2011

Alliance Design and Implementation Tools

Advisory Council – Example of membership list and meeting agenda
Business Plan – Child Care Business Alliance of Santa Cruz County, CA
Business Plan draft – Steuben Child Care Project, NY
Family Child Care focus groups – Summary of findings
Focus Group Script
 – Center directors
Focus Group Script – Family child care providers
Food Price Comparison example
Implementation Committee – Example of meeting agenda 
Provider Survey
Shared Services in Early Care and Education: 
Introduction and Alliance Examples
Webinar: Business and Legal Structures – 2/15/11
Webinar: Helping ECE Providers Improve Food Quality and Reduce Food Cost – 9/8/10
Webinar: Cost, Quality and Shared Services – 3/14/11
Webinar – Alliance Sustainability – 5/9/11

2013 National Shared Services Conference:

Conference Website
Participant List
Pre-conference Session: Shared Services 101
Opening Plenary: Rethinking the Leadership Paradigm
Workshop: Financial Management
Workshop: Policy and Shared Services
Workshop: Staffing and Shared Services
Workshop: Making and Proving the Case for Shared Services

2011 National Shared Services Conference